Pilatus Sells 21 PC-21s, 17 to the French Air Force
Pilatus Sells 21 PC-21s, 17 to the French Air Force

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd supplied 21 PC-21 fleet orders by the end of December 2016. Out of the total order of 21 PC-21s, 17 were purchased by the French Air Force and two each by the Royal Jordanian Air Force and QinetiQ and one by a British company which operates the ‘Empire Test Pilots’ School. The total order is worth over 300 million Swiss francs.

Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pilatus said: “I am delighted we have finally won another European air force for our PC-21. An exceptionally rigorous selection process based on the strictest of criteria provides further proof that the PC-21 is the first choice worldwide for training military pilots. I am proud that our best-selling PC-21 is now destined to fly for ‘la Grande Nation’. France is already the 8th air force to choose the PC-21; these orders included, we will soon have a total of 209 PC-21s flying successfully from bases around the world. I’m confident that other European air forces will follow France’s example.”

“Pilatus is pleased to be part of the programme of modernisation at QinetiQ Test Aircrew Training. Our PC-21 will provide a training platform for the next generation of test pilots worldwide. That a global leader in the test flight sector decides to replace ageing Hawks and Alpha Jets with the PC-21 is a tribute to our product’s performance and flexibility,” added Markus Bucher, CEO of Pilatus.

The French Air Force will be using 17 PC-21s to train their future military pilots, before they could fly the Rafale aircraft. The contract was signed on December 30 last year by the French Air Force, with Babcock Mission Critical Services France (BMCSF) and Pilatus as a role of sub-contractor in which their PC-21 and other ground-based training material will contribute to complete the overall contract.

After the Swiss Air Force, France is the second European nation to opt for the PC-21 as part of the world’s one of the most advanced and most efficient integrated training system. QinetiQ, a British company, under the contract with Pilatus will receive two PC-21s for the Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS) for the training of the flight test engineers and test pilots. The Royal Jordanian Air Force, has ordered two PC-21s and will be getting its first deliveries by mid-2017


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