Cyberbit Awarded NetworkWorld Asia Readers’ Choice Rising Star Award 2016
Cyberbit, whose cyber security solutions protect the world’s most sensitive systems, is the winner of the Rising Star - Endpoint Detection & Response Solution category in NetworkWorld Asia 2016 Readers' Choice Awards, recognising technology providers which have made the most impact on Asian end-user organizations in 2016. In the Rising Star categories, NetworkWorld Asia readers vote for vendors whose products are deemed especially innovative and have great potential in meeting their organisation’s needs.

Despite a growing amount of endpoint security products, malware related breaches are increasing by nearly 30 per cent year over year. Cyberbit’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides a new approach that understands the behavioural characteristics of malicious activity, to identify advanced and undocumented attacks that bypass conventional systems. It uses machine learning to continuously improve detection algorithms, and leverages big-data to run multi-dimensional analysis on large amounts of endpoint data. As a result it reveals malicious activity that is invisible to conventional EDR solutions, dramatically accelerates response time and minimizes false alerts. Cyberbit’s user experience visualizes the entire attack storyline and enables both experienced and junior analysts to understand the attack and respond rapidly.

“Skill shortage and alert fatigue are becoming the primary organisational challenge. Security providers must start considering people, beyond technology,” said Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit. “At Cyberbit, we believe that products should use state-of-the-art technology to help security staff be better at their work. We believe that security products should work for people, and not the other way around,” added Dar.

“Detecting advanced malware is a major industry challenge,” said Victor Ng, Editor-in-Chief of NetworkWorld Asia, and Enterprise Group Editorial Director of Questex Asia. “Cyberbit introduces an innovative and highly effective approach to advanced malware detection and is well positioned to help organisations address the endpoint security challenge. Our readers have recognized Cyberbit’s ability to combine robust and scalable technology with a clear user interface. We are very pleased to acknowledge them as a rising star in the endpoint security category.”

Cyberbit EDR leverages the rich background of parent company Elbit Systems Ltd. a leading provider of defence systems as well as Cyberbit’s in-house team of former military cyber security specialists and mathematicians, to understand malicious actors’ behaviour and help organisations outsmart them. The EDR solution is deployed with enterprise and public sector customers worldwide.


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