Elbit Systems Launches Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering System, GroundEye
Elbit Systems Launches Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering System, GroundEye

Elbit Systems presented GroundEye, an innovative line of systems for ground-based wide-area, focused and persistent surveillance at the Israel HLS & Cyber Conference. The GroundEye line comprises advanced systems and capabilities in the field of imagery intelligence gathering, which together provide a complete picture and large Field of View (FOV), to a huge number of users, in both real time and back-in-time, for forensic debriefing and in high-resolution.

GroundEye was developed specifically to address requirements raised by security and law enforcement agencies to improve operational responses against terrorism and homeland security threats such as border protection, facility security-related events, sporting events and mass public shootings.

Readily operable by one or more persons, the GroundEye surveillance system can be used to zoom into multiple target areas of interest, while offering easy manoeuvrability between different areas according to operational requirements, and facilitating continuous reception of data and video coverage as well as high-quality image resolution in all areas of surveillance.

When deployed, the system provides ground force commanders important insights on events occurring simultaneously but in different places, as well as the ability to acquire, record and investigate forensic data, in real time or ‘back-in-time’ (via video recording). In addition, the system enables creation of highly-effective virtually closed-off areas (safe zones) that generate a virtual fence around the perimeter of any secure area.

The GroundEye features a fully-programmable alerting application based on the ‘safe zone’ area, allowing operators to be notified for specific/unusual events. These capability complement and enhances GroundEye's unparalleled persistent surveillance functions and provide the operator with an exceptional solution for locating, identifying and monitoring diverse event types.

At the heart of the product line are a panoramic mast-mounted/tripod mounted sensor head that houses the system’s cameras and front-end electronics, an advanced computer processing unit, high-speed image analysis applications (e.g. tracking and VMD) and a simplified user control station that is interoperable with the user’s existing command and control centre.

GroundEye line of systems can be operated as a standalone system or integrated into a Command & Control (C&C) network. It can also be integrated and operated within all existing surface observation platforms and components, thereby contributing to create a unified picture of the area.

GroundEye changes the common paradigm of surveillance. It has already been successfully evaluated and tested by security teams in Israel and internationally, proving the benefits it offers in enabling decision makers to have a clearer picture in less time.


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