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In Gaddafi’s Land
Posted on: Saturday, July 02,2011
The Libyan supreme commander Col Muammar Gaddafi has turned out to be more obdurate than what the world imagined. Perhaps, there should have been no surprise in this. Gaddafi, who has ruled Libya with a messianic fervour, believes that he is God’s chosen one; which is why he rules without holding any office. Offices, with their attendant powers and responsibilities are for the ordinary, not for the one who rules by divine sanction. Hence, anyone who opposes Gaddafi opposes the will of God and must be silenced with whichever means possible. In this spring of freedom, the biggest dictators have bowed down to the domestic will coupled with international pressure. Sure, they did not go easily. Both Zine El Abidine of Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt tried to suppress the uprising in the initial days. And those who did not go have made promises of civil liberties and better life to their people, whether they will be kept or not is another story. But none deployed the air force or heavy armoury against their own people, except of course Gaddafi. But I shouldn’t have been surprised. In 1996, I had an opportunity to visit Libya. One dubious Delhi-based non-government organisation put together a delegation comprising relatives and friends to give a peace award to Gaddafi. To give this delegation a degree of credibility and professionalism, a few journalists were invited to jump on the bandwagon. Clearly, both the award and the delegation were sponsored by Libya.
Not Interested
Posted on: Monday, July 04,2011
All global aerospace and defence companies wanting to sell their wares in India have been courting Indian media with a lot of fervour. It is a quid pro quo relationship: They woo Indian media personnel, with even presidents and CEOs of the companies agreeing to give interviews at a short notice in the hope that this will get them good press. This happens even more at air and defence shows.
Veiled Threat
Posted on: Saturday, July 02,2011
My first encounter with a head to toe veil, comprising a Jilbab, a hizab and a niqab happened nearly six years back. My cousin, older to me by a few years suddenly decided that she needed to wear this. Two landmark events had occurred in her life which merited this cover up. First, she had turned 30 and second, she got married.

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