Eyes on the LC
Militants now favour difficult terrains as infiltrating points since they are sparsely guarded
By Fayaz Wani
With the advent of winters, the security measures along the Line of Control (LoC) and international border with Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir has been beefed up to thwart the infiltration attempts by militants to sneak into Valley.

A top ranking army officer based in North Kashmir said, “The infiltration attempts have been taking place despite hostile weather conditions. There has been snowfall in the upper reaches of Kashmir and most of the infiltration routes have been plugged due to the snowfall. However, despite hostile weather conditions, militants are making concerted efforts to sneak into Valley.”

According to security experts, the general trend witnessed so far reveals high infiltration levels during summers in Kashmir. “During the winter months heavy snowfall cuts-off all the infiltrating points and it is impossible to sneak into Valley from across the border during hostile weather conditions. However, when snow starts melting in April, May the militants make attempts to infiltrate into Valley. These bids gain further momentum before the onset of winter when snowfall makes the mountainous terrains impregnable. Their mentors across the border make concerted attempts to push as many militants as possible before the start of winter to keep the pot boiling in Jammu and Kashmir,” said a senior army official, pleading anonymity.
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