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  • Anger Kills - (July 2017)
    Both the police and the people are furious with each other
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Sense of the Street - (September 2016)
    Renewed militancy on cards, clueless government fails to tackle unrest
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Healing Touch - (September 2016)
    A multi-prong, concerted effort is needed to restore normalcy in Kashmir
    By Somesh Goyal


  • The New Normal - (August 2016)
    Collective amnesia on Kashmir’s history of discontent is dangerous for India
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Talk, Don’t Fire - (July 2016)
    With dialogue taking a backseat, army warns of difficult days ahead
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Angry Young Men - (June 2016)
    Youth braving bullets to thwart security operations against militants is a new challenge
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Rope Tricks - (May 2016)
    Mehbooba Mufti has to ensure that the alliance with the BJP pays well
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Will She, Will She Not - (February 2016)
    All eyes are on Mehbooba Mufti as she takes her time to form the government in J&K
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Short on Promises - (December 2015)
    Among other challenges, PDP-BJP alliance has to immediately deal with radicalisation of local youth
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Closed Minds - (August 2015)
    Only a political resolution can help curb radicalisation
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • The Russian Hand - (August 2015)
    Moscow’s prodding led to the Modi-Sharif meeting at Ufa, says Prof Abdul Ghani Bhat
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Calculated Move - (August 2015)
    The army will now focus on stopping infiltrators at the LC itself
    A FORCE Report


  • Cause of Concern - (July 2015)
    A growing self-radicalisation among youth in the valley is worrying
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Fighting for Peace - (May 2015)
    Separatists and the new government gear up for major faceoff in Kashmir
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • In the Wrong Direction - (April 2015)
    Kashmiri young men are joining militancy at a higher rate than seen in two decades
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • A Precious Diwali Gift - (November 2014)
    The Prime Minister has announced a special package of Rs 745 crore for rebuilding Kashmir after the devastating floods
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Battle for the State - (September 2014)
    Political parties are pulling out all stops to win the forthcoming Assembly elections in J&K
    By Afsana Rashid


  • The Enemy Within - (July 2014)
    The new GOC, Lt Gen. Subrata Saha faces the biggest challenge of ridding Kashmir valley of militancy
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • A Legacy of Good - (April 2014)
    For real gains from Operation Sadbhavana, the Indian Army needs to rethink its approach
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Pincer Move - (April 2014)
    Pakistan-China collusion in Karakoram seriously threatens north Kashmir
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Save the Resolution - (April 2014)
    Space for liberals is fast shrinking in today’s Kashmir and to curb dissension, bullets seem the favoured answer
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Young Blood - (April 2014)
    Kashmiri youth need leaders who inspire
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Daily Battles - (September 2013)
    Despite frequent violations, ceasefire holds on the Line of Control
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Line of Fire - (September 2013)
    India’s reaction to the LC violations do not behove a mature nation
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Reign of Fear - (September 2013)
    Kishtwar violence may just be the sign of things to come
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Wail of the Valley - (August 2013)
    While government drags its feet, religious radicalisation is tearing away the fabric of the society
    By Ghazala Wahab



  • Terror Tactics - (July 2013)
    Hizbul Mujahideen shows its hand on the eve of Prime Minister’s visit
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Summer Heats Up - (June 2013)
    Infiltration attempts by militants keep security forces on their toes
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Return of the Siege - (April 2013)
    Series of attacks take security forces by surprise
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Uncertain Times - (April 2013)
    The tragedy of Kashmir is that it doesn’t have any leaders, only politicians
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Kashmir Calling - (December 2012)
    Increased efforts are being made to focus on development of the state
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Fear at the Grassroots - (October 2012)
    The recent killings and resignation of panchayat members is the new security concern
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Threats Within - (September 2012)
    Need for scrutiny of policemen is after the arrest of constable Abdul Rashid Shingan
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Desperate Measures - (September 2012)
    The 540m long tunnel in Kashmir shows Pakistan’s desperation to push in militants
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Dam Burst - (September 2012)
    Armed militants target controversial Wullar Barrage
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • New Fears - (August 2012)
    Army says that new LeT bastion in south Kashmir poses a threat to Srinagar city
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Window in Kashmir - (July 2012)
    With each day the solution is becoming difficult
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Terror’s New Tactics - (July 2012)
    As militant’s strike fear, double agents plague J&K police
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Cloak of Invisibility - (July 2012)
    With police-CRPF ready for the bigger role, the army should go back to the LC
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Break Point - (June 2012)
    Crisis deepen among Separatists with dissenters alleging Mirwaiz of hegemony
    By Fayaz Bukhari


  • Full Circle - (December 2011)
    Government cannot wish away the Kashmir issue, it has to be resolved
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • AFSPA Must Go - (November 2011)
    If the government wants the story of Kashmir to change, it needs to convince itself that indeed normalcy has returned
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Partial Paranoia - (November 2011)
    Indian Army holds fast to the AFSPA umbrella in the Valley




  • Summer 2011
    The chief minister should take the tough call on DAA and AF(SP)A
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab




  • Battle of the Pulpit
    The Line of Control has dynamics of its own
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Third Party
    Further pushing India into a corner, China plays ‘the Kashmir card’
    By Mohan Malik


  • Rise of the Radical
    The new wave in the Separatists politics is headed by Masrat Alam Bhat
    By S. Rasheed


  • A Rainbow Perhaps?
    The all-party delegation held promise but delivery is the key
    By S. Rasheed



  • New Slogans
    Farooq Abdullah stirs the Hornet’s nest once again
    By Inayat Jehangir


  • Hand-in-Hand
    Joint army-air force rescue and relief efforts after the Leh cloud-burst
    By Divya Srivastava


  • Tiding Over
    Leh claws back to normalcy, albeit slowly
    Nitasha Chawla


  • Human spirit Above All
    In the hour of darkness, people from all walks of life came together to stand by each other
    By Divya Srivastava



  • Brothers in Arms
    Militants focus on recruiting minor boys to keep the pot boiling in Kashmir
    By Inayat Jehangir



  • Dialogue Must Go On
    Composite dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad is inevitable, despite odds
    By Inayat Jehangir


  • Stone Age
    Retaliation finds a new expression in the Valley
    By Fayaz Wani


  • On the Tenterhooks
    Yet another crucial year for the Valley as the insurgent groups re-surface
    By Fayaz Wani


  • Eyes on the LC
    Militants now favour difficult terrains as infiltrating points since they are sparsely guarded
    By Fayaz Wani



  • Kashmir 2009
    20 turbulent years
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • ‘There will Always be a Requirement for the CRPF to Beef up our Strength’
    Inspector General of Police, Kashmir, Farooq Ahmad, IPS, joined Jammu and Kashmir Police as deputy superintendent of police in 1977. A highly decorated officer, Ahmad has served a number of tenures in both the regions of state. Apart from policing, he has also delivered talks, both in India and abroad, on such range of subjects as terrorism, Kashmiriyat, Jihad and Human rights. He spoke exclusively to FORCE on a range of subjects pertaining to his new appointment.



  • Cost of the Conflict - (Sept 2009)
    The short-term key to peace in Kashmir lies in ensuring zero HR violations
    By Ghazala Wahab



  • Hope Floats - (January 2009)
    Yet another chance to resolve the Kashmir issue
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab




  •  Festival of Freedom - (Sept 2008)
    The slogans of azadi rent the air at Idgah By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab



  •  Uneasy Kashmiry - (Sept 2008)
    A cry for resolution more than independence
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • The Time is Now - (June 2008)
    With elections in J&K, Delhi should move towards resolution
    By Pravin Sawhney


  • Changing Kashmir - (June 2008)
    With reduced level of violence, tourists are thronging the Kashmir Valley
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab



  • In the Name of God - (July 2007)
    Tablighi Jamaat is vulnerable to misuse by terrorists
    By Ghazala Wahab


  • A New Season - (May 2007)
    For the local people, demilitarisation would be a new beginning
    By Ghazala Wahab


  • Guns and Tulips - (May 2007)
    Army should withdraw, but not now
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • The Story of Kashmir - (April 2007)
    Ducking till the storm wanes seems to be New Delhi’s policy
    By Ghazala Wahab


  • Daughter of Kashmir - (June 2005)
    Mehbooba Mufti, President, Peoples Democratic Party, Jammu and Kashmir
    By Ghazala Wahab


  • The Indian Story - (Feb 2005)
    The global war on terrorism is still to reach Kashmir
    By Ghazala Wahab




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