Crucial Catch
Global majors target India as a huge market for EW systems
By Nitasha Chawla and Atul Chandra
Electronic Warfare (EW) has emerged as a crucial technology that not only ensures the survivability of weapon systems in high threat environments but also enhances the mission completion capability in operational scenarios. While India has had some notable successes in this field, it remains a critical technology area and it is crucial to bring indigenous partners aboard while ensuring that the all important domain knowledge is replenished within the country. The large market for EW systems, both for new systems as well as upgrades of existing platforms, has seen a number of global majors target India as a growth market with huge potential over the next decade.

Global Majors
Elettronica has signed a 26:74 joint venture agreement with Alpha Design Technology. Called Alpha Elettronica Defence System (AEDS), the JV was conceptualised two years ago to meet the requirements of IAF’s upgrade of its fighter inventory. Elettronica will transfer technology to AEDS that pertains to production of parts for several purposes. Electtronica also works closely with DRDO labs. According to Elettronica S.p.A’s resident manager India, business development, Paolo Izzo, “We work very closely with the two laboratories of the DRDO, that is, Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) and Defence Electronics & Research Laboratory (DLRL). At the moment, we want to build a relationship with them so that we are able to work together in the future. We believe that co-development can yield brilliant results, because the level of the scientists in the DRDO is very high.”
Elettronica has completed 60 years since its inception this year and is ranked the fourth largest EW company in the world. It is also considered a centre of excellence, as far as EW is concerned. Among the air platforms, the company provides EW solutions for the Eurofighter Typhoon, AW101 and NH 90 helicopters. In the maritime domain, its systems are installed onboard French FREMM frigates and Aircraft Carrier Cavour. It also provides ElInt and ComInt solutions for a vast range of Italian naval platforms. Elettronica has developed state-of-art technology for transmitting and receiving systems and these technologies are already industrialised; resulting in not only the latest but also mature technologies. Elettronica claims to be the only company in the world to make the Solid State Transmitting and Receiving Module.
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