Equipment Wish-list of the CISF
 Secure gate for passangers by Morpho
Deployed in multi-faceted roles, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is responsible for the safety and security of the important public and private establishments like airports, power plants, important government buildings, Melhi metro etc. It also performs the tasks like VIP security and the disaster management. Currently, CISF is guarding 307 public and private undertakings 58 of which are the airports, and 18 of those airports are considered ‘sensitive’. It also has a full-fledged fire wing under operation.

Given the growing concern for the security, the roles of this force are becoming more and more crucial. The need for high-end equipment to supplement such important roles is turning out to be an inevitable option. The entire expenditure of the new equipment, however, is borne by the organisations where the force is deployed.
Access Control Equipment
  • Biometric systems at the airports like fingerprint scanning and recognition to authenticate the user. While some of the airports maintained by the private organisations already possess some biometric systems, Airport authority of India (AAI) may have the requirement for the airports under their supervision.
  • Restricted area door locking systems in airports and other sensitive areas like nuclear plants, space installations, important government buildings, etc.
  • Turnstiles, gates and barriers.
  • Rising kerbs, ramps and road blocks to provide high level security against unauthorised vehicle access.
  • Telescopic Bollards that can be lowered into the ground when not in use.
  • RF Electronic Article Surveillance (EAR) systems and wired alarm clips to reduce incidents of theft.
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