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Letter from the Editor
Dear Readers
Once again we return to Kashmir this summer not as tourists but journalists. Despite fervent hope by many, the turmoil continues unabated in the state, with cynics pointing out that we are on the verge of losing Kashmir. Our cover story this month focuses on the hopelessness that stares Kashmir in the face. The state is virtually being run by the security forces.

It is immaterial whether the Mufti government stays or is booted out of office. A de facto President’s rule is already in place with the security forces calling the shots. Decisions are being taken by the Unified Headquarters, or more specifically, by the corps commanders who are running Delhi’s diktat. State political parties, Separatists and anyone who mattered once have been discredited. The youth who is braving the ruthlessness of the security forces by show of open defiance seem leaderless; and hence even more dangerous.

Despite the chaos in Kashmir which shows little sign of abating, New Delhi is conveying the impression of being in control. Apparently, it has a script which it would not share with anyone. Whatever it be, it will not give in to the people’s political demands or the advice of a few of its own party men. It will also not talk with Pakistan. What it would do, hopefully will be known in the coming months. As of now, everything is up in the air.

We also have a special report on the next DRDO chief. With the incumbent, Dr S. Christopher retiring on May 30, there are three contenders in the fray: Dr Christopher himself who has sought an extension, the present scientific advisor to the defence minister, and the CEO of BrahMos Aerospace. Without a full-time defence minister, the acting defence minister, Arun Jaitley would take the call on appointing the new head of the DRDO. The matter assumes urgency as the DRDO is slated to play a pivotal role in making Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ policy a success.

In addition to these, are special reports on ground-based fire-power, UAVs (both military and civil), carrier battle group, business jets, modernisation of air fields and an exclusive interview with the director general, SSB on roles, responsibilities, acquisition and training of this paramilitary force. Plus, our regular features, news and updates.


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