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Letter from the Editor
Dear Readers
The desperate anxiousness with which we are entering into 2017 is without parallel in the recent history. The year that we have just turned our collective backs to has been amongst the most violent one in recent times, not just in India, but across the world.

But in India, violence came with a grim two-fold irony. In cold statistics, while the number of terrorist attacks came down over the previous few years, the number of deaths of military and paramilitary soldiers in these attacks rose to an eight-year high, thereby skewing the soldier-to-terrorist ratio in terms of casualties. This, when the government of India put the Indian soldier on the highest pedestal, forcing a benchmark for nationalism on other supposedly ‘ungrateful’ Indians.

According to a data journalism website, IndiaSpend, 84 security personnel died in 2016, of which nearly 70 were from the Indian Army, including officers. Even if one ignores the statistics, the incidents starting with the Pathankot attacks in January 2016 are too glaring to be filed away in the recesses of memory. There was an attack in Uri, another attack in Nagrota, an ambush in Pampore, another ambush in Pengeri (Assam), in addition to several deaths in countless counter-insurgency/ infiltration operations throughout the year. Not to forget the paramilitary deaths in counter-Maoist operations in central India.

FORCE mourns the death of these brave but hapless soldiers across the services who in the true spirit of ‘Theirs not to reason why/ theirs but to do and die’ have laid down their lives. So while the January 2017 issue is a special on the Indian Army to mark its Raising Day, in essence it is dedicated to everyone who wears uniform, whatever be the colour, and who have placed their implicit trust in their superiors and the government of the day. It is appropriate also to dedicate this issue to them, because in the first month of the New Year, we fervently hope that 2017 may be the opposite of 2016; that in this year, instead of relying on the blood of the soldiers to send messages across the border, the government relies on its imagination, reforms, policy-making and engagement; that there are no more deaths in vain.

In addition to the section devoted to the Indian Army, we have a special report from Kashmir; a critique of the procurement process; a report from Pakistan’s defence show, IDEAS which once again underlines the deep cooperation between Pakistan and China; and two book-extracts, one of which is from our book, Dragon on our Doorstep.

Dragon on our Doorstep encapsulates all the learning that we have imbibed in the last 14 years of bringing out FORCE. So in that sense, it is the labour of our collective love – ours and yours. Thank you readers, for your support, patience and trust. As a mark of our gratitude, we have a special offer on the book for FORCE subscribers. Read on.

May 2017 be the year you all look back on fondly for years to come!

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