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Nexter Roots for Make in India

Nexter Roots for Make in India

Goa: With two programmes in various stages of discussion and decision-making, Nexter’s outlook on the Indian market is buoyant. Sales manager, Nexter, Thierry Soulat gave an update on both programmes during an informal chat.

“In the towed gun competition, the NCNC (no cost, no commitment) trials ended last year. Trajan performed very well in both the desert and the mountains,” he says. “We are now awaiting the technical report.” On this programme, Nexter remains the prime with L&T being its offset partner.

In the Caesar programme, since the AON was issued in 2014, the RFP can be issued till the end of 2016. Soulat is hopeful that the RFP would indeed be issued within this year. Here, L&T is the prime and Nexter is the technology partner. The tripartite agreement between Nexter, L&T and Ashok Leyland involves gradual indigenisation of the Caesar gun which will be mounted on the Ashok Leyland chassis. At least, 50 per cent content of the gun will be indigenous.


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