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We are Exploring Plans to Build Components of the Stinger Missile in India
Vice president, Business development land warfare systems/Special Operations forces for Raytheon Missile Systems, Joe Peterson

Joe PetersonWhat kind of presence will Raytheon have at this year’s DefExpo?
We are pleased to be back at DefExpo in the defence minister’s home state of Goa to meet with our Indian customers, ‘Make in India’ partners and friends. Representatives from several of our key programmes for India will be on hand to discuss how Raytheon products, strategic capabilities and services can support India in its modernisation efforts.

How important is the Indian market to Raytheon?
Very important. India is one of the company’s focus countries, an important customer and long-term partner. India is the world’s largest democracy and a key US strategic partner. India is in the midst of a massive modernisation of its defence forces and Raytheon offers a number of combat proven, highly capable products and services to help India achieve its goals.

Can you tell us about some of the products Raytheon is showcasing at this year’s DefExpo?
Visitors to the Raytheon stand at DefExpo will see our Stinger air-to-air and surface-to-air missile. Combat proven in four major conflicts, Stinger is deployed in more than 18 nations and with all four US military services. India is acquiring Stinger for its new Apache helicopters. Raytheon will display Javelin. It is the most versatile and lethal one-man-portable, true fire and forget, anti-tank, guided munition and surveillance weapon system in the world today. Javelin is combat proven with more than 5,000 firings in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is fielded with 15 armed forces around the globe making it the technically superior, best suited ATGM for the Indian Army’s mechanised forces requirements. Its advantages such as Fire and Forget, Top Attack, Soft Launch and Ground Launcher (CLU) along with the ability to Fire on Move offer unique discriminators against our competitors.

We will also showcase our Reconnaissance and Targeting System (RTS) Electro-Optical (EO) solution for combat-vehicles and Talon Laser Guided Rocket. Raytheon lead is the cooled Infrared (IR) ground vehicle fire control solution market in the US. Our Long-Wave IR (LWIR) sights perform more effectively, in combat environment with combat related obscurities, than Mid-Wave IR (MWIR) based systems. Talon is a low-cost, digital semi-active laser guidance and control kit co-developed with the United Arab Emirates. The Talon guidance section fits directly to the front of the legacy 2.75-inch Hydra-70 unguided rocket. Talon’s architecture and ease of employment make it a low-cost, highly-precise weapon for missions in urban environments, as well as counter insurgency and swarming boat defence missions.

Tell us more about India’s plans to acquire Raytheon Stinger missiles.
The Indian ministry of defence has signed an agreement with the US department of defence to acquire Stinger air-to-air missiles made by Raytheon. As part of the deal, India will receive 245 Stinger air-to-air missiles, as well as launchers, and engineering support. India’s Stinger acquisition is part of a USD 3.1 billion deal with the US that includes combat helicopters, weapons, radars and electronic warfare suites. We are exploring plans to build components of the Stinger missile in India.

Does Raytheon partner globally?
Raytheon is a global company. There are numerous examples of how we are working together with nations around the world. We are partnered with Norway on the Joint Strike Missile and Naval Strike Missile. We are partnered with Japan on the development and production of Standard Missile-3 Block IIA. Raytheon teams with Germany on the Rolling Airframe Missile. Our Evolved SeaSparrow Missile is produced by member nations of the NATO consortium. We work with Israel on the Iron Dome and David Sling Weapon Systems and we developed the Talon Laser Guided Rocket with the United Arab Emirates. Raytheon has a worldwide supply chain and we are always seeking opportunities to increase our global footprint and partnerships.

Why is Raytheon well-positioned to help India achieve its military modernisation goals?
Raytheon is the world’s largest missile maker. We have a massive portfolio of products that support soldiers on the ground, pilots in the air and sailors at sea. Raytheon works with customers to fully understand their needs and then partners to provide the very best solutions. We value our relationship with India and look forward to an even closer partnership.


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