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Our Strategy is in Line With the Indian Government’s Policy of "Make in India"
Vice president & country director, India, Thales, Antoine Caput

Antoine Caput

What key technologies and systems would you be showcasing at DefExpo 2016?
At Defexpo 2016, Thales will showcase a wide range of systems and equipment designed to meet today’s critical needs of the armed forces at its booth 5.1.1-b in Hall 5. The Thales booth will cover its capabilities in land (vehicle solutions and soldier modernisation systems), naval (undersea sonars and radars) and air defence (missile technologies, radars and support systems). The experts from Thales Group would be available for demonstrations and presentations of Thales capabilities at the booth.

What aspect of your business is your primary focus at this show, and why?
The defence industry in India is experiencing significant and progressive change. We look forward to further strengthening our presence in the country and capitalizing on the promising opportunities in the Indian defence sector. At DefExpo this year, Thales will focus on showcasing the following capabilities:

Land defence: A world leader in land defence systems, Thales offers its comprehensive tools to India’s land forces. These include interoperable land forces systems for C4ISR, vehicles and command posts; optronics, communications and identification means for soldiers; vehicles and tools for vehicle support in all types of missions; weapons systems and munitions, etc. Thales will be displaying a variety of such vehicle solutions and soldier modernisation systems at its booth.

Naval defence: Thales’s sensors, systems and communication solutions are built around the latest, fully proven technologies. The Group has a strong global reputation and expertise in systems integration, commitment to partnership with local industries, and a proven track record of working with shipyards all over the world. The Thales booth will showcase its capabilities in undersea sonars and radars.

Air defence: Thales offers armed forces worldwide a fully integrated air defence capability, from radars and C2 centres through to effectors and their respective fire control systems. Thales’s Advanced Air Defence offering is an integrated set of solutions designed to ensure timely decision-making and effective responses for the protection of military forces, key assets and citizens. At Defexpo, Thales will showcase the latest in missile technologies, radars and support systems.

What are your expectations from the show?
Thales has had a fruitful association with India since 1953, and over the years has secured the confidence of the Indian armed forces, the government and the industry. Our strategy is in line with the Indian government’s policy of ‘Make in India’. Defexpo is one of the premier events in the Indian defence sector and provides us with a great platform to connect with all stakeholders and present our flagship capabilities.


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