India-Russia Ties Continues to Run Deep
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India-Russia Ties Continues to Run Deep

Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin promises full support to future developments of BRAHMOS cruise missile
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India-Russia Ties Continues to Run Deep
Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin with BrahMos Aerospace's Praveen Pathak

St Petersburg, Russia: On his visit to IMDS 2017 for the inauguration, Russian deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stopped at the BrahMos Aerospace stand for an update on the various programmes being undertaken by the company for future variants of the cruise missile. BrahMos Aerospace’s Praveen Pathak apprised the minister of the ongoing developments.

According to Pathak he told the minister that while the launch of a single BRAHMOS missile from Su-30MKI is planned for July 2017, mini-BRAHMOS will take four to five years to become operational. The company is working on reducing the size of the missile to enable three of them to fit on a Su-30MKI fighter. “The minister told me that he is proud of this cooperation and will provide all support for the next version of BRAHMOS,” Pathak told FORCE.

Meanwhile, BrahMos Aerospace has also carried out a feasibility study on fitting vertical launch BRAHMOS missiles inside a submarine with Rubin Design Bureau. A small mock-up of Amur 1650 was displayed at the BrahMos stand in IMDS illustrating eight missiles inside the submarine. “We have had discussions on this with all possible contenders for Indian Navy’s Project-75I programme, including the Germans. They all have assured us that it will be possible to fit vertical-launch BRAHMOS inside the submarine,” said Pathak.

Besides, by the time the submarine programmer starts to roll, BRAHMOS mini would be ready and can then be fitted inside torpedo tubes, he said.


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