22 Guardian Drones Approved by US for Sale to India
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22 Guardian Drones Approved by US for Sale to India

Modi-Trump inch closer in 'game changer' deal
Dr Vivek Lall with the US President elect Donald Trump

In what is being dubbed as a 'game changer' deal for Indo-American relations, especially in a post-Trump world, the US State Department has cleared the sale of 22 unmanned Guardian drones to India. The unofficial announcement comes ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's maiden meeting with President Trump in Washington, scheduled to take place on June 26. The USD 2-3 billion dollar deal will have the drones manufactured by General Atomics and will operationalise the status of 'major defence partner' which was accorded to India by the Obama administration.

Dr. Vivek Lall of General Atomics, who played a key role in India acquiring the Boeing P8I has also played a pivotal role in speeding up this deal. The Indian Navy had made the request for this intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform last year.


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