Naval War Hero of 1971 Cdr B.N. Kavina Dies
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Naval War Hero of 1971 Cdr B.N. Kavina Dies

A recipient of Vir Chakra, Cdr Kavina led the attack on Karachi harbour
Naval War Hero of 1971 Cdr B.N. Kavina Dies Commander B.N. Kavina, the hero of the famous Karachi harbour attack during the 1971 India-Pakistan war died on 30 June 2017 in Adelaide (Australia). The Vir Chakra awardee, Cdr Kavina was 80 years old and lived there with his son Karl. Cdr Kavina is considered one of the chief architects of the daring attack.

Then Lt Cdr, Kavina was the commanding officer of INS Nipat, a Vidyut-class missile boat, during the attack against the Karachi harbour codenamed Operation Trident and executed by the 25th Missile Squadron of the Indian Navy. Apart from INS Nipat, the squadron comprised INS Nirghat and INS Veer each armed with four SS-N-2B Styx anti-ship missiles. The Nirghat fired two missiles and sank the Pakistan Navy destroyer Khaibar. The missile boat Nipat also fired two missiles and sank the merchant ship Venus Challenger. The third boat Veer engaged with the Pakistan Navy’s coastal minesweeper Muhafiz, firing one missile and sinking it successfully.

The story did not end there. Lt Cdr Kavina then took the Nipat within 25km of the shore, firing a Styx at the Keamari oil terminal setting off a spectacular blaze. This set the stage for the second missile attack on Karachi after which, the Pakistani fleet did not venture out to the sea during the rest of the war, rendering full control of the sea to the Indian Navy.


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