CRPF Takes on a Bigger Role in Kashmir CI Ops, Says DG
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CRPF Takes on a Bigger Role in Kashmir CI Ops, Says DG
K Durga Prasad

In his farewell press conference in New Delhi, director general of CRPF, K Durga Prasad emphasised on the achievements of the force in the last one year. "CRPF is performing all theatres of operation to control the situation in any part of the country. Force is handling every crisis situation whether it be Naxal affected areas, Haryana Jat agitation, Patidar reservation issue or and many other situations, CRPF is playing a great role". Recently, during the unrest in Tamil Nadu following the death of the previous chief minister Jayalalitha, CRPF’s Rapid Action Force (RAF) had swung into action to control the law and order situation.

Prasad said that the CRPF has taken on a much bigger role in the counter-insurgency operations in the Kashmir valley in the last few months. When asked if this affects the relations with other forces deployed there, he said, “Equation is absolutely fine among all the three - Special Operations Group (SOG) of the J&K Police, CRPF and Indian Army. We also train with J&K police and their SOG teams for the effective counter insurgency operations".

Last year, CRPF was heavily criticised for their use of pellet guns in Kashmir, blinding many civilians including children as young as five years old. When asked about the substitute of the gun the DG said "I have not come to a situation where something else could have been done. Pellet guns are not used in every situation but sometimes it has brought situation under control. Modification to weapons is being done so that side effects can be reduced".

CRPF is in the process of building better infrastructure to the soldiers posted in difficult combat areas. "Authorisation work for the quarters is in progress and 8000 quarters will be ready in the coming years. The establishment of the emergency field hospitals in the insurgency areas is being done", he said.

During the press conference, a book titled ‘Gallant Heroes’ was also released. The book is dedicated to the CRPF men and women who displayed rare acts of valour and sacrifice while in the service.


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