China Reiterates No CPEC Role with Kashmir Issue
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China Reiterates No CPEC Role with Kashmir Issue

China denies any "direct link" between CPEC and Kashmir
China Reiterates No CPEC Role with Kashmir Issue

China has defended the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) passing through Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) saying that the strategic project had "no direct link" with the Kashmir issue and it was simply an 'economic' venture. The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that India was welcome to participate in the 'One Belt One Road project'.

"First, I want to say that we welcome India's participation in the building of the One Belt One Road project. You also mentioned CPEC, I want to reiterate that economic corridor is economic. CPEC has no direct link with political and boundary dispute. Certain sections of the CPEC have raised concern on the Indian side. But these disputes are not the result of the economic corridor and economic activities. "

Wang also said China has taken positive note of India’s participation in another project — the Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar (BCIM) corridor. “India is taking part in the project in its own way. For example, we have this BCIM which is one of the major economic corridors China is planning with the neighbouring countries,” he said. “We have taken note of India’s positive attitude on this. In addition to the BCIM economic corridor, we can also have further discussion of cooperation on the OBOR."


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