Pakistan Gets Mi-171E Helicopters from Rostec
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Pakistan Gets Mi-171E Helicopters from Rostec

Rostec has delivered its first civil multirole helicopter to Punjab province
Mi-171E helicopter

The Mi-171E was manufactured for its civilian role to use as both in transport aircraft mode and in VIP cabin configuration. The VIP configuration can accommodate 13 passengers plus a flight attendant while in the transport aircraft mode, it can carry up to 27 passengers in jump seats and up to four tons of cargo inside the cargo cabin or on the external sling.

"The Russian Helicopters Holding Company is widening the delivery scope of the world-renowned Russian aircraft. The number of civil aviation air operators, particularly from South Asia, who place orders with us is growing. Every helicopter is unique and is produced with one ultimate goal in mind — effectively solving the tasks set by the customer," said Russian Helicopters Deputy CEO for Marketing and Business Development, Alexander Shcherbinin.

The Punjab province authorities are expected to use the multirole Mi-171E helicopter for passenger and cargo transportation, performance of air medical services, patrol work, and emergency response and recovery. Installation of the search-and-rescue equipment set which consists of the LPG-150 winch and the TSL-1600 searchlight further expands the scope of possible applications of this helicopter. It is also equipped with the Early Ground Proximity Warning System which ensures increased flight safety.


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