UEC looks at a fruitful relationship with India
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UEC looks at a fruitful relationship with India
UEC stand at Aero India 2017
UEC stand at Aero India 2017

Russian United Engine Corporation (UEC), the holding company uniting major Russian gas turbine engine developers and manufacturers, regards India as one of its most important foreign partners. It is eager to foster long-lasting ties with the country. In its efforts to take the relationship further, it is striving to not only increase the volume of engine deliveries to India, but also raising the speed and quality of aftersales service. The aim is to build an integrated system of support for the customers. UEC works in India in line with ‘Make in India’. The corporation is also building direct relationships with customers, primarily the ministry of defence (MoD) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). For example, in 2015 UEC was registered as an authorised supplier of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and navy, as well as of HAL.

At Aero India 2017, UEC demonstrated its latest and most promising products: PD-14 fifth generation civil engine for Irkut MC-21 commercial airliner, AL-41F-1S combat aviation engine for Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet, VK-2500PS brand-new turboshaft engine for Mi-17 helicopters and BARK-88 engine digital control system for modernisation of MiG-29 power-plant. The corporation has held successful talks on various ongoing Russian-Indian projects, which among other things had confirmed the correctness of UEC strategy of developing strong and flexible service and support system and enhancing its speed and efficiency. In the wake of Aero India 2017 the contract on general terms and conditions for long-term support between UEC and HAL was signed in New Delhi.

UEC with its experience in developing and producing state-of-the-art engines for military and civil applications is ready to participate in the realisation of future joint projects to create engines for new airframes, both military and civil. For example, HAL has launched an Indian multirole helicopter (IMRH) programme by displaying a full-scale mock-up at Aero India 2017. UEC could participate in the project by creating an engine for this helicopter jointly with the Indian partners.

Today, UEC jointly with Indian partners continues implementation of a range of military and technical cooperation projects. The biggest project is the ongoing delivery of the AL-31FP engine (powers Su-30MKI fighter) kits for its licensed production in India (in accordance with the contracts concluded earlier by Rosoboronexport). Another major programme is related to RD-33 and RD-33MK engines for MiG-29 family aircrafts.

While successfully continuing the military cooperation, UEC is also anticipating an interest in its civil production from Indian customers. At Aero India 2017 the corporation presented PD-14 - brand-new fifth generation engine developed by UEC for powering MC-21 airliner. PD-14 could be delivered to foreign customers as part of MC-21 airliners but UEC is also proposing to its partners to assess the possibility of using this engine as a base engine for creating new ones for various future airliners and cargo airplanes. A number of Indian customers are already expressing their interest in PD-14 engine.

Another promising project is TV7-117 turboprop aircraft engine developed for the Russian Il-114 regional airliner. In March 2017 Russian minister of trade and industry, Denis Manturov, during his visit to India declared that he welcomed Indian participation in the Il-114 project. UEC for its part is ready to propose TV7-117 engine as part of the Il-114 airliner to potential foreign customers, including Indians. It also plans to use it in the projects of new turboprop passenger airplanes.

Apart from aircraft engines UEC is the developer of helicopter engines such as the TV3-117/VK-2500 family engine installed on most of Mil and Kamov helicopters. The fleet of these engines in India contains about 500 units. These power-plants have proven themselves as reliable. Adding to this VK-2500 engine gives the helicopter new qualities for operation in the mountains as well as in areas with a hot climate.

By both developing and producing these power-plants, as well as providing specialised service plants, UEC provides the Russian helicopter engines in India with a full circle of aftersales support. At Aero India 2017 VK-2500PS turboshaft engine was presented at UEC stand. It is the latest modification of VK-2500 with extended engine service life, the use of modern digital electronic full authority digital engine control system, providing for higher exploitation characteristics.

UEC is also ready to participate jointly with the Indian side in projects of creating small-sized engines for future unmanned air vehicles. The corporation has significant scientific and technical potential and experience in the field of developing and producing such engines.


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