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India is emerging as a promising market for global manufacturers of commercial jets

Dilip Kumar Mekala

India’s market for the business jets is expanding constantly. With exponential growth of the civil aviation sector, many corporations have been looking at acquiring business jets for their commercial needs. Business jets that are available in the market are also catered to the highly covered special missions for use by the government and other intelligence agencies. The aircraft that are used for such special missions come from a varied range - turboprop aircraft to high-end business jets - with added intelligence equipment onboard. Air shows like Aero India in Bengaluru and India Aviation Show in Hyderabad provide a perfect opportunity for global manufacturers who are invested in the business of these jets.

Dassault Falcon 7X is one of the most preferred business jets in India due to its long range

The manufacturer of Rafale and Mirage aircraft, Dassault Aviation has bigger market potential from the sales of its business jets in India, even when compared to the mammoth defence contracts like Rafale. Dassault’s main focus here is primarily on its Falcon business jets. According to the company, Falcon business jets are extremely popular in India because of their large cabin and the ability to fly long distances. In recent times, the company is focussing on 7,410 km range Falcon 2000LXS widebody twinjet.

“Dassault is the Indian market leader for large cabin, long range aircraft, with 22 aircraft (as of March 2016) in service and several more on order. This position stems in part from the Indian Air Force’s (IAF’s) long experience with Dassault fighters, whose advanced technologies, notably digital flight control, served as the basis for that on the Falcon 7X,” stated the company. Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier said, “We expect the country’s accelerating economic growth to translate into rising Falcon sales going forward”. He added, “No other business jet line is more suited to local requirements, whether it be in terms of cabin design, flying performance, fuel economy or versatility, than Falcon.”

Dassault’s popular Falcon 2000 twinjet – now approaching the 600th production mark - accounts for the largest portion of the present Indian fleet. Sales are currently being driven by the Falcon 2000LXS, the newest edition in the 2000 line, which offers a short-field capability comparable to smaller midsize and super midsize business jet models but with a range and comfort level far better than these aircraft. The Falcon 2000 line has recently been certified to carry Dassault’s new FalconEye Combined Vision System option, allowing the LXS and the shorter range Falcon 2000S entry level jet to be offered with head up display, the first in the industry to meld synthetic and enhanced vision capabilities.

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