CONTROP Displays the Entire STAMP Family of EO/IR Payloads for UAS at Aero India

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd (CONTROP) along with its Indian strategic partner Defsys Solutions Pvt Ltd (Defsys), displayed the complete STAMP family of Payloads at Aero India 2017. The STAMP is a family of gyro-STAbilised Miniature Payloads, which were especially designed for day and night tactical over-the-hill reconnaissance missions. Lightweight yet ruggedised, the STAMPs provide precise geolocation and can withstand high-shock landings. With low power consumption, the STAMPs incorporate only one LRU and provide the most cost-effective solution of its type for small manned and unmanned systems. Ideal for small Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) systems and aircraft, the STAMP is operational in dozens of locations around the world.

The STAMP family includes the super lightweight newcomer - Micro-STAMP – a 300 gram gyro-stabilised payload that provides a dual FOV uncooled IR camera and a day camera with a continuous zoom lens; the M-STAMP 1.3 kg gyro-stabilised multi sensor payload with an uncooled IR camera with a continuous optical zoom lens, a day camera and a laser pointer; and the TR-STAMP, a triple sensor gyro-stabilised EO/IR payload which includes a cooled IR camera with a continuous zoom lens, a day camera and a laser rangefinder all in a compact and versatile 6.3 kg payload.


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