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  • An Industrial Bonanza - December 2016
    Lockheed Martin has offered to transfer its entire production line to the IAF
    A FORCE Report


  • Done Deal - October 2016
    The contract for 36 Rafale MMRCA is finally signed
    By Prasun K. Sengupta


  • Sturdy Backbone - October 2016
    Sweden aggressively pitches for Gripen-E sales in India
    By Dilip Kumar Mekala


  • Top up Order - April 2014
    IAF releases RFI for 106 PC-7 MK II Basic Trainers to be procured under the 'Buy & Make (Indian)' category
    By Atul Chandra


  • The Game Changer - February 2014
    The Avro replacement procurement plan can boost India’s indigenous industries
    By AVM Manmohan Bahadur (retd)


  • Slow to Deliver - December 2013
    As delays in the acquisition process pile up, more needs to be done to maintain the pace of modernisation of aviation assets
    By Atul Chandra


  • Opportunity Beckons - August 2013
    A multitude of programmes will stretch HAL’s capabilities to the limit
    By Atul Chandra


  • Lost Opportunity - March 2013
    Aero India 2013 too missed the bus
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Success in Simulation
    HATSOFF offers full motion/full mission training on three different helicopter types
    By Atul Chandra


  • Fast Track
    HAL’s aircraft division will make, upgrade and overhaul over seven aircraft types by 2015
    By Atul Chandra


  • Man, Money and Machines - December 2011
    HAL and India’s future as an aerospace power are inextricable
    By Atul Chandra




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