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Army’s Air Defence needs are seeing greater momentum

By Atul Chandra

Long-pending requirements for the modernisation and upgrade of Indian Army air defence weaponry are now receiving renewed impetus. While much remains to be done, a start has been made towards remedying the deficiencies in army requirement for gun and missile based air defence systems. The month of July saw the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), led by defence minister Manohar Parrikar approve the multi-billion dollar procurement for modern air defence guns for the army. The army will now acquire 428 air defence guns, worth an estimated Rs 17,000 crore (USD 2.6 billion dollars), a long overdue first step towards replacement of air defence guns, that are essentially five decade old. Indian firms and Defence Public Sector Units (DPSUs) will now bid for the requirement to provide the army with a modern air defence gun system, which will have fire control radar, be capable of engaging air targets both during day and night using Fire Control Radar and Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS). The preferred calibre is 30mm or more. It should also have the ability to be towed on metalled roads and cross country in plains, semi deserts and deserts and be capable of effective operation in mountainous terrain and at high altitude.

Aerial Engagement

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