A Balancing Act
India should realise the road to stability with China passes through Pakistan

An army memorial in Tawang
An army memorial in Tawang

BJP Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi is probably the only Indian leader to have cautioned China from Arunachal Pradesh’s soil to give up its expansionist mind-set. To persuade China to do so will require an entirely different policy than the one being pursued since decades against both China and its strategically, Pakistan. A nuanced tweaking of the traditional thinking will not do.

Delhi should know that its present policies of ‘appeasement’ for China and ‘confrontation’ for Pakistan have not been successful because China, and not Pakistan, has actually unleashed a proxy war against India; the Pakistan Army is merely the face of the Chinese game. It is China’s fulsome support to Pakistan in terms of nuclear weapons, restrictive missiles and conventional war capabilities that has emboldened it to continue unabashedly since the Nineties without worry of reprisal with its low intensity campaign in Jammu and Kashmir against India. Has China ever asked the Pakistan Army to discontinue terrorism against India? The way out of this strategic logjam for India is to adopt a ‘balancing’ policy for China and an ‘accommodative’ one for Pakistan. Let alone a two-front war, a war with China is neither necessary nor winnable. Yet, ironically, the essential road to stability with China goes through Pakistan.

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